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Cluster Education Forum 2022

Baltic Sea Region

June 20-21 in Vaasa, Finland


Participant booklet

From September 2020 until November 2021, 22 Cluster Managers from eight Baltic Sea Countries participated in the pilot education of Cluster Manager Education. During the education, they have learned new theories and tools, shared experiences and insights between each other, and gained new competences through practical assignments tested and implemented in their clusters. The Cluster Managers have continuously reflected on the education, giving constructive feedback on what worked and not and how the education can be improved.

This booklet presents all the highly skilled Cluster Managers that participated in the pilot education and their clusters, why they applied and what they expected to gain by participating. The project team is grateful for all the valuable input and hope that many new collaborations will be the result of the education.

Participant booklet

During the program, you will

  • Build a cluster strategy
  • Expand your network
  • Improve collaboration and leadership skills
  • Learn new digital solutions
  • Use and apply concrete working tools
  • Try innovation scouting tools 

The Juicy Details

The cluster management education is different from traditional cluster courses. We believe in the physical meeting combined with online learning
(Depending on travel restrictions due to COVID-19, modules might be completely remote)

The education has two physical meetings per module. 1½ days in the beginning and 1½ days at the end of each module.

Save the date for this part-time education in cluster management. 


Module 1
Collaboration & Leadership
1 September - 6 November 2020
Karlshamn, Sweden

- 3 weeks break -

Module 2
Strategic Management & International Business Environment

30 November 2020 - 19 February 2021
Vaasa, Finland

- Including winter holidays -


Module 3
Digitalization in Business

15 March - 21 May 2021
Kaunas, Lithuania

- Summer Holidays -

Module 4
Scouting for Innovation

30 August - 5 November 2021
Wildau, Germany

weeks education

meetups per module

5-9 hours/week

The price for the education is


Estimated value is 10 000 €

Participants only pay for accommodation, travel and food expenses

4 modules. 4 countries. 4 ways to develop your cluster.

Module 1
Collaboration and Leadership
by Hyper Island

Experience why collaboration is the key for innovation and how you can apply facilitative leadership to help your cluster to thrive  

  • Gain knowledge about how you can get your next innovation initiative off the ground 
  • Learn and apply concrete tools to facilitate effective communication among stakeholders, creative ideation and the principles of design thinking 
  • Become more aware of your role as a cluster manager and how to apply different leadership styles according to the needs of a group 

Module 2 Strategic Management and International Business Environment by University of Vaasa 

This module gives you practical tools to manage a strategy process and build a strategy for your cluster  

  • Learn to analyze and build your business model and strategy
  • Critically apply and implement learning outcomes to your cluster and daily work  
  • Identify the main strategic choices and challenges involved in international business environment

Module 3
Digitalization in Business
by Kaunas University of Technology

This module provides the current and future capabilities of digital technologies and data that cluster managers can leverage their full potential  

  • Knowledge set captures technological megatrends: Big data, Artificial intelligence
  • Uncover the power of digital-driven innovation for business
  • Make better data-driven business decisions

Module 4
Scouting for Innovation
Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau

The module delivers an overview of scouting approaches and provides a toolbox to facilitate innovation in clusters

  • Get to know different scouting approaches
  • Learn how e. g. technology radars, signal scanning and boards for technology assessment work
  • Try selected tools in your working environment

Find a more detailed curriculum here

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Cluster Management Program?

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Procedure

We will admit 20 cluster managers to the program. Preferably participants should be able to join all four modules. 


  • Fluent in English
  • Minimum 2 years of experience as a cluster manager/managing role in a cluster
  • Experienced in project management
  • Resident in the EU


  • Send in your CV, a short motivational letter and fill in an easy online form
  • Applicants might have an interview with the project team
  • Application deadline is 30th of April 2020

Application Deadline

29/5 Acceptance Letter

Education Starts

Need to convince your boss? 

Most managers will be concerned about the return on investment and need a justification for the time away from the office. But don’t worry, here are some benefits for your organisation. 

Find Solutions to Challenges

You will find out what strategies your peers are implementing, and discover how they are tackling issues similar to the ones your organisation is facing. In short, you will learn new strategies and solutions to solve some of your biggest challenges.

Inspire the Team

You will bring back knowledge to your organization. Not only about new tools, but also about trends and research. In some modules there will be easily accessible webinars in for example EU-funding and how to find project partners.

New Project Partners & Coaching

Get valuable advise and support through peer-to-peer coaching from other cluster managers. You will make new connections with peers and potential partners who could help you with new projects and funding opportunities. And also new contacts for your cluster companies.

Knowledge & Internationalization

To stay relevant in your profession, you have to know the latest trends and how to implement them. Here you both get the latest research and make international connections to keep up to date with the latest trends. 

Who's behind this program?

We are a team of educational- and cluster organisations, united by a passion for cross-border collaboration and change for success today and tomorrow. 

Would you like to know more about the education or the team behind it, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to get to know you better.

Contact Information

Background Information

Clusters are considered to be an excellent way of increasing the collaboration between companies and improving their global competitiveness.  

In the countries around the Baltic Sea there are over 230 active registered clusters. The clusters work mainly in the fields of innovation, business development, joint company strategies, internationalisation etc.  

Cluster management is a diverse and rather demanding activity, which requires a large set of different skills. However, there are very few training opportunities available for the present and future cluster managers. 

The new Erasmus+ BSR Cluster Manager Education project aims at developing and providing a set of key training modules for cluster managers. The training modules are scheduled for the period September 2020 to November 2021 and will provide training for 20 cluster managers from the Baltic Sea countries.